Kapow Salt

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Kapow! e-liquid combines incredible flavors that will bring back sweet memories with its tasty and sparkling tastes.

Format 30mL
Type Salt nicotine
Ratio 50VG / 50PG
Made in Canada


 BeltsThe perfect combination of sour candy and sweet strawberry flavour.

Classic: Classic is a trip down memory lane. It's the ice cold cola after a sports match. It's the ultimate refreshment after moving into a new home. It's a great cola flavor

CloudyWe'll give you a hint. It's sweet, fluffy, puffy, sticky, goodness, and not quite something you can make at home! This versions packed with raspberry and strawberry goodness for a Kaboom level of flavour

IM BlueA delicious and sweet frozen blue raspberry snow cone flavor

NanaA refreshing and tasty frozen banana delight with a cool exhale

OFF RouteA delicious root beer cola flavor, a refreshing bubbly sweetness!

Pix: A perfect sweet and sour candy, a zest of citrus and berry blend

PurplyA refreshing splash of pure sweetness! A candied grape sparkly flavor that will tantalize your taste buds.

Rainbow ExpressAll aboard on a tropical flavour adventure resembling your favorite frozen rainbow delicacy! A cool exhale swirled up with a splash of raspberry, pineapple, orange, lime and a splash of cream whipped up in the perfect Zap of flavour

Rocket ShipPrepare for liftoff with your favorite red white and blue frozen rocket delight! Chilled to perfection with a splashingly cool exhale. Notes of cherry and blue raspberry will Zooom you into outer space!

Squares: ne-of-a-kind watermelon pink square candy flavor that makes your taste buds do a happy dance

Stick It: You won't want to stick this one on the underside of your desk! Stick it to your tastebuds with this chewy bubbly poppin' blend of watermelon and strawberry. So doggone good it will Slam your tastebuds

Strappy: Green apple dipped in sweet strawberry syrup!

Super Sour: A name that says it all - pucker up for a "JOLT" of sour goodness. Tart and tangy with subtle hints of citrus - this sour bomb will keep you guessing!

Tropical: An orange creamsicle flavor, with the added twist of mangoes and lemons!

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